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Documents To Go's crisp, clear reproductions of your Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel documents are enhanced by support for attachments sent through Microsoft Exchange.

When it comes to faithfully viewing and rendering a Microsoft Office or an iWork document on your iPhone or iPod Touch, Documents To Go quickly proves its competence by delivering crisp, clear reproductions of your Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel documents. We love being able to create, edit, save, and send Microsoft Word documents with the application's formatting tools--including Apple's cross-app copy/paste, font and paragraph style, and lists, among others. However, until Documents To Go also engenders creation and editing powers for Excel documents, it will remain an incomplete business tool.

Advanced business professionals using this "Exchange" version pay a premium to view attachments sent through the Microsoft Exchange Server. The app essentially asks you to set up a Microsoft Exchange account in order to view the supported attachments, even if you've already done so in the iPhone in-box. Setup is a hassle, especially for those unfamiliar with their Exchange server information. After setup, however, viewing e-mail attachments from the Docs To Go in-box is a little laggy, but otherwise competent.

In addition to the iPhone app, Documents To Go gives you the option of downloading a free companion desktop application that syncs files and folders between your iPhone and Windows or Mac computer. You can also drag items into a desktop folder for a quick sync. Syncing worked well, but the setup was a little laborious, and the Wi-Fi requirement to initiate a sync shuts out home and corporate users who get their Internet from an Ethernet cable.

While the desktop companion helps make the now-limited tool more useful, its Wi-Fi requirement puts a crimp in its usability. However, those who work predominantly with Word applications and have ample wireless networks at their disposal will find Documents To Go a welcome part of the productivity toolbox.

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