Copy, move, delete

Find complex file-handling options with this utility, but it limits you to a single rule.

Limagito Lite occupies an odd position in the world of automated move/copy/delete utilities. Its many features and customization opportunities, including the ability to execute external commands, make it ideal for power users with complex file management needs. But this Lite version is limited in many ways--it supports only a single rule, for example, and does not support encryption or external scripts--making it an unlikely option for such users.

Still, as a complex advertisement for its single ($59.95) and corporate licenses (starting at $300), Limagito Lite does tantalize with visions of automating complex file-naming and management tasks across multiple locations. You start by creating a moving rule. For that rule, you may customize several settings, including source and destination, encryption and verification, and dozens of options pertaining to file handling. An additional tabbed interface offers scheduling, logging, and connectivity options, among others. The granularity of options is nearly overwhelming, but a clean UI with plenty of tool tips reduces the panic factor. The software comes with a 45-page Help file; sadly, this is located in a PDF file that you must find using the Windows Start menu. Moreover, the PDF's screenshots, while comprehensive, come from the sitewide version, and the images and features do not always match what is available in Limagito Lite.

Limago Lite offers an impressive array of features for moving, copying, and deleting files. Although a beginner user could find some use in Limago Lite, the breadth and depth of features make it better for advanced users.

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