Free Your RAM

Manage memory optimization settings with this free management tool.

Memory Improve Master Free Version brings together several computer settings aimed at improving its performance. This tool is best suited for people familiar with Windows performance management.

Like most memory optimizers, the program operates on the debatable principle that the greater the amount of free RAM, the more efficiently applications will operate and the lower the chances your application or system will crash. Using Memory Improve Master, you can ensure free RAM by manually forcing memory release, "deep compressing" system memory, and setting thresholds and letting the application run in the background. A real-time graph displays the effects of your choices on RAM, paging-file, and CPU usage. Memory Improve Master offers a few other performance-related settings for items such as DLL handling and cache sizes. It also lets you create white lists and black lists governing the availability of RAM for specific applications, and even offers a Smart List that, according to the Help file, will learn from your habits to create additional guidelines for allocating RAM. The application interface is clean and straightforward, but some aspects are confusing. For example, check boxes are filled with a solid square box. In Windows, this usually indicates that not all subitems are chosen, but Memory Improve Master uses it in lieu of an X or check mark. The Help file is hit or miss, and though the application does offer many tool tips throughout the user interface, some tips are lengthy and disappear far too quickly.

If you are looking for a tool to manage RAM availability, you could do far worse than Memory Improve Master. Beginners and many intermediate users will probably find the options and terminology confusing, however.

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