Plain-Jane tile-matching

Match tiles to your heart's content with this homely entry in the world of mahjong solitaire.

MahJongg Solitaire is a tile-matching game whose graphics and interface will please any user nostalgic for the 8-bit graphics of the '90s

In this shareware version, you can shuffle the tiles, change the background color, and undo your last move. But in order to change the tile layout, pick a new tile set, upload your own tile design, or save and restore games, you will need to cough up $10. That $10 price is on the low end for mahjong matching games, but then, that's where MahJongg Solitaire sits. The graphics are garish and bitmappy, and there are no sound effects or music despite a Sound On option. Most egregiously, however, the game includes the wrong Help file: you can read how to install Infinite Spades from a floppy disk but don't expect help customizing your tile sets.

Still, free is free, and matching up tiles is hardly rocket science. Many other similar games limit by time or uses or force you to install weird toolbars, so from that perspective, MahJongg Solitaire is a fast and clean fix for anyone's solitaire needs.

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