Addictive word game

Beat the computer in this fast-paced game that's part Boggle, part Scrabble.

Word-game enthusiasts around the world may find a new addiction in WordZap Deluxe--if they can swallow the $20 fee, that is.

Part Boggle and part Scrabble, WordZap offers a set of letters from which you must create enough words to beat your computer opponent. As in Boggle, if you and the computer create the same word, the word cancels out. A timer adds another constraint. You can increase or decrease the difficulty level in several ways. WordZap assigns a handicap that adjusts to your performance but which you can also change manually. You can also change settings related to word-length, vocabulary, and the friendliness of the list of letters from which you draw. (Note that the free trial supports words up to only five letters long; to reach the maximum of seven, you must pay the fee.) And if you care for an additional challenge, you can play the game in one of the other nine languages included. In terms of user interaction, WordZap Deluxe improves significantly on its Classic counterpart. The most important change is the ability to use the keyboard to enter words. You can also customize the use of sound effects, graphics display, and the overall visual motif. The Deluxe version provides a full Help file and access to technical support.

Every anagrammer and word-game devotee will want to try this game. And the fast gameplay and pleasant interface will likely convert many to buyers once the 10-session trial expires.

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