Restrictive evaluator

Don't expect to customize anything in this odd procedure manager.

eManager is a program that allows users to complete evaluations and assessments by completing a pre-existing template. Although we like the program in theory, its execution could be better.

The program's interface is fairly intuitive, with its main features arranged in tabs. Users simply select the type of procedure they want to complete and then click through the various screens, filling in the blanks. The publisher's description boasts that the program allows users to "follow any procedure without having even the faintest idea of the regulations behind it," and we can see how this would be the case. The program includes four sample procedures, including a staff appraisal and complaint procedure. The problem is that there doesn't seem to be any way to customize existing procedures or create new ones. Users must purchase new procedures from the publisher, meaning--as far as we can tell--that there's no way for users to create procedures specific to their own business or industry. We tried to access the Help file to make sure that we understood correctly, but the online Help file didn't open, and the built-in Help file only seemed to address how to navigate the program. In general, we found the program's premise to be quite useful, but we're not sure how effective it would be in the real world.

eManager is free to try with the procedures that it comes with, but others must be purchased. It comes as a ZIP file and functions after extraction with no need to install. We recommend this program with reservations; it has the potential to be useful, but we're not sure if it can fulfill that potential.

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