A behemoth of a case management program

Come for the features, and stay because it's too slow for you to leave.

Case Manager is a hulking case management program that allows users to track their case notes, billing, and more. Unfortunately, the program's features are undermined by its slowness and general clunkiness.

We got off to bad start with Case Manager when it not only took an excruciatingly long time to install, but forced us to install Microsoft SQL Server as well. Once we finally got the program installed and opened it, we were met by an interface that is sleek and attractive, but not entirely intuitive. Cases are arranged in a list, sorted alphabetically by client, and each client file contains tabs for case details, documentation, contacts, costs, estimates, and accounts. With a bit of experience we were able to get used to the program's layout, but something about it--perhaps its heavy reliance on grids--makes it taxing to look at.

The program's online Help file is adequate. In addition to the functions contained within each client's file, users have access to a time sheet and a diary, and can create databases of employees and companies. Many of these features were slow to open, and we found ourselves staring at an hourglass entirely too often. At least once the program crashed. The program seems to be quite rich in features and highly detailed, allowing users to keep track of all aspects of their clients' cases, but the program's slowness undermines its potential.

Case Manager has a 30-day trial period. It installs desktop icons without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program with strong reservations; its features are attractive, but its sluggishness did not impress us.

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