Unintuitive file management

Wade through a lot of features to find the best of this otherwise useful program.

FreeCommander is a file management program that lets users view their file hierarchies in two separate panes, making it easy to navigate between them. Although the program's interface leaves something to be desired, it contains many features that users may find useful when managing their files.

Our first impression of FreeCommander's interface was not favorable. The contents of our computer were displayed in both of the two viewing panes, and across the top of the interface were a slew of tiny, unlabeled buttons. Although the program's basic features were clear--it was easy, for example, to drag and drop files between the two panes--a lot of the program's other functions were not at all intuitive. We were further irritated by the fact that the program's Help file had to be downloaded separately, and although it is thorough, it's a little overwhelming and not entirely well organized. From what we could gather about the program's features, it appears that in addition to the basic cut/copy/paste sorts of functions, users can do other useful things like "pack" files into an archive. Users can also split large files into separate pieces, create filters for searching for specific file types, and create a favorites folder. In general, the program seems quite feature-rich, but the way the features are organized makes it hard to get a handle on what the program is actually capable of.

FreeCommander is free. It comes as a zip file, but installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users who don't mind taking some time to wade through an unintuitive interface.

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