Mediocre screensaver

You may wish these dinosaurs were extinct as well.

Dino Glade Advanced is a dinosaur-themed screensaver that promises a variety of dinosaurs frolicking in a delightful landscape. We like dinosaurs, so we were excited. Then we tried this screensaver and our excitement turned to befuddlement.

We don't want to be mean, but Dino Glade Advanced looks like the work of someone who just learned computer animation. Both the dinosaurs' design and animation are utterly amateurish. The dinosaurs bend their heads as if to pick something up with their mouths, and their chins disappear into the ground. The insides of their mouths are empty and red, reminding us of Muppets. One dinosaur is hot pink with green squiggles, while others look like they've had unfortunate run-ins with an airbrush gun. The program's sound effects consist of an annoyingly buzzing insect and the occasional dinosaur roar. The program offers absolutely no settings or customizations beyond an adjustment for screen size, and we suppose it goes without saying that there's no Help file.

As if all of this weren't bad enough, the program has a nag screen that encourages you to register to get access to more dinosaurs and landscapes (no thanks). The program also installs a desktop icon not for itself, but for an online game Web site. The program does uninstall cleanly. Overall, we do not particularly recommend this program; there's nothing functionally wrong with it, but there are much more attractive screensavers out there that are available for free.

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