Variety of compatibility tests

Discover how well you and your partner match up using different esoteric systems.

MB Love Test Finished is a free suite of different resources that use various esoteric systems (Numerology, Kundali, etc.) to test the compatibility of two partners. All of them function in essentially the same way: users input their personal data and get back a variety of reports.

A number of issues plague what is potentially a fun tool. A few of the reports were overly simplistic, and some of the predictors won't work unless your region is set as the U.S. Some spelling errors and an overall rudimentary interface give the whole program a somewhat amateurish feel. However, the zodiac reports were thorough, and the Kundali section was especially impressive. We particularly liked finding out if our potential partners were considered "Barren" or "Fruitful." It can be annoying to have to enter detailed information about things like the exact latitude of the place you were born, and the program could be easily improved by requesting that kind of thing only once, instead of making you go through the same process for each different report.

Unfortunately, the program installs desktop icons without permission, and after uninstalling, it leaves a folder in the Program Files. Also, there are way too many plugs for donations and registration. Some users might miss a little more in the way of explanation, but there's enough here to appeal to most people who are interested in seeing what various esoteric systems predict for their love life.

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