Love analysis

Test your relationship compatibility using Chinese birth signs.

This is a fun little piece of freeware that uses some basic personal information to predict the compatibility of two people based on their Chinese zodiac signs. The simple interface could not be easier to navigate, and the layout of the compatibility reports is easy to read.

There aren't too many bells and whistles with MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility, but its reports are fairly comprehensive. Each partner is analyzed separately based on his or her birthday, and the couple's overall compatibility is rated and explained. There's plenty of detail about the various birth years; we especially liked seeing which famous people shared the same sign. Most relationship combinations are given a positive rating, and there's a decent amount of explanation as to why and how the couple will or will not work out. However, there's not much interactivity, and the graphics won't be winning any awards.

Our biggest gripe was the amount of requests to register or send money; two of the four menu titles are "Donate" and "Make Money Online." Also, desktop icons were installed without permission, and the uninstall process left behind a folder in the Program Files. All in all, though, it's easy, informative, and fun. This is a simple program that doesn't come with any frills, but it does exactly what you'd expect of it.

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