Information eraser

Prevent information from falling into the wrong hands with this simple program.

Active@ Eraser provides users with a way to delete all traces of information from a computer. By matching this service with simple commands and fast results, users will have no trouble securing their computer.

The program's interface was simply laid out with all its necessary components on one screen. With a quick trip to the Help file to sort the process out, users will be deleting their data in a matter of minutes. Users begin by navigating through a simple file tree to the left of the screen that allows you to select entire folders for deletion or to crawl deep within those folders and select specific files. Once your collection of data has been chosen, users simply click on the Erase command (which completely destroys the selected files) or the Wipe command (which seeks out and deletes unused or corrupted files, though it is disabled for the test) at the top of the screen. Before erasing anything, the program smartly asks you to make sure you are choosing the correct items. From there, the data is quickly erased, and in the case of Erase, did not leave a trace of a file's previous presence. The program also provides a smart feature with its scheduler. This allows users to set up a cleaning of specific files daily, weekly, monthly or other intervals with a few calendar manipulations.

After uninstallation, the program left a file in our Program Files that had to be manually removed. While we can't vouch for the program's Wipe feature, its fast, accurate erase results make it a great choice for those seeking security.

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