Quick invoice creator

Make an invoice in no time with this intuitive program.

Excel Invoice Manager Express provides users with a fast, familiar way to write up invoices. By using an Excel format, users should feel instantly at home with this program.

The invoice program's interface is highly intuitive because it has been built within a spreadsheet. With a few choice command buttons, users familiar with Excel will know exactly where to input data and what to expect. However, an in-depth Help file is also available. The program's layout basically walks users through the process of creating an invoice. Well-labeled areas for customer addresses, their own company's address, and invoice number can be filled in manually. Items like salesperson and product purchased must first be inputted into a database. This saves the information so it can be quickly accessed with a single button click in the future, making invoice creation even quicker. Once products are chosen, users input quantity and the total is tallied for them. The final total even automatically applies tax (that you must manually set). The program's best special feature is its ability to quickly and easily run reports. Whether you need a year-end report, a customer usage report, or a number of other options, this function is only a few clicks away.

By using a familiar format and providing intuitive functionality, the 15-day trial is plenty of time for users to realize this program's fantastic invoice creation capabilities.

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