Spreadsheet alternative

Create spreadsheets with this alternative to Excel.

GS-Calc offers users an alternative spreadsheet maker by mimicking what the more famous versions do and adding little flourishes that many will like.

The program's interface will immediately be recognizable to those familiar with Excel. The rows, columns, and even commands feel like they are in the same place. However, if users need help with its slight difference, a Help file is available. The program functions almost exactly like the more popular spreadsheet option. Users input data into cells across various rows and columns. The data can be manipulated in multiple ways, including color-coding cells, rows and columns, sorting data, and inserting charts. The program's Formula feature actually surpassed Excel in our opinion. Where the more popular spreadsheet maker can be time consuming and confusing when users want to input mathematical equations in their cells, this program offers a simple drop-down menu that instantly applies formulas with a button click. We found this to be faster and simpler than its more popular counterpart. But one major drawback to the program is that it saves work in its own file type, which will make sharing information with users who don't have GS-Calc impossible.

GS-Calc's 30-day trial restricts users to printing a single page and 15 pages per workbook. While it matches and in some places exceeds the competition, ultimately we're concerned with its limited file-saving options. For that reason, we only recommend it for those who are fed up with Excel.

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