Make studying fun

Study more efficiently and creatively with this versatile tool.

Say goodbye to boring flash cards and rote memorization with StudyX. It offers users a variety of options for creating study aids that best suit their needs and their preferred methods of study.

StudyX is a program that students of all ages and skill levels will enjoy using. The colorful interface will appeal to younger students and the program's flexibility will appeal to teachers and older students. Choose from several quiz styles to use as study aids, including digital flash cards and multiple-choice games. You have the ability to create your own specific questions. We particularly liked the feature where you can create quiz questions that will pop up in a window as you surf the Web intermittently. You can choose how often you want the windows to pop up and ask question. We thought this was a nice way to combine work with pleasure and also test your memory. StudyX also has a function that allows you to create a quiz that can be shared on the Web, so you can study remotely with friends. There is also a trivia option that makes studying interactive and collaborative.

The program offers a 30-day trial period. StudyX is easy to use, but there is a Help file in case users need further instruction. Thanks to its versatility and quiz options, it's a great tool for making studying a fun activity.

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