Basic Olympic screensaver

Enjoy a variety of Olympic images and Olympic news in French.

Summer Sports screensaver is a basic screensaver featuring photos of athletes competing in the Summer Olympics. Although the program doesn't have a lot of features, it is an enjoyable screensaver.

The program consists of numerous high-quality photos of athletes from a wide variety of sports. The photographs are professional and artistic, and the screensaver utilizes them at an appropriate resolution, something that many free screensavers seem to get wrong. In the upper left corner, a live news feed from the International Olympic Committee updates users of Olympics news in French. There are no language options on this program, so users who don't read French won't find this feature useful, and may find that it detracts from their enjoyment of the screensaver; unfortunately, there is no way to turn this feature off. In fact, the program has no real options to speak of. There's no sound, and there's no way to randomize the screensaver's photos, meaning that the program shows the same images in the same order every time. It practically goes without saying that the program doesn't include a Help file, but there is absolutely nothing a user would need help with anyway. Overall, the program isn't bad for a simple screensaver, but users who are used to a little more pizazz may be disappointed.

Summer Sports screensaver is free. It comes as a ZIP file, installs desktop icons without asking, and leaves a folder behind upon removal. We recommend this program to all users seeking a basic Olympics screensaver.

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