Visually stunning puzzle

Enjoy amazing graphics but simplistic gameplay with this attractive game.

It's not often that we have mixed feelings about a game; typically it's either enjoyable or it isn't, and isn't that the entire point of playing a game? When it comes to Tomb of Giza, though, we're just not sure how we feel.

The game's graphics are simply outstanding; it's a little bit like stepping into an "Indiana Jones" movie. The music and sound effects are intense. Everything about the visuals and audio is well-done and professional, and with that aspect of the game we are quite definitely impressed. The reason we're ambivalent about Tomb of Giza is that, despite the impressive interface, we're not quite sure what the point is. We read the instructions to learn the rules of the game, and they made sense; users fire at wall of different colored squares, aiming to hit groups of three of the same color, which then disappear and drop coins that the user is to collect. As the game advances, additional obstacles and bonuses are incorporated. We understand, in theory, that we are supposed to collect coins and helpful bonuses, but in practice it just sort of feels like we're randomly shooting at stuff. Ironically, if the program's interface were simpler, we might not mind it so much; we feel that the impressive visuals set us up for a more interesting game.

Tomb of Giza is free. The program installs desktop icons without asking but uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program to all users; although gameplay isn't particularly exciting, the program's graphics make it worth checking out.

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