Toolbox for optimizing PC performance

Improve your system's performance with this handy toolbox of tweaks to get the most from your PC.

You'll find this user-friendly toolbox of optimizing utilities a handy package if you're a home user with low-security issues. Nicely designed with quick performance, this bundle of goodies will be appropriate for most noncommercial system users.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker launches a simple but nicely designed interface for selecting optimization options for your system. It offers a two-paned window: the left, vertical pane lists the categories of options, and the right, larger pane displays the check boxes and drop-down menus associated with the category selected in the vertical pane. This free toolbox performed nicely in our tests. The check-box format for selecting options to activate or disable is straightforward and easy to understand, and leaves behind any ambiguity that a novice might encounter in a more robust toolbox. The categories for options follow a logical arrangement suitable for most home users: system information, personalization, user accounts and user account control, system performance, security settings, network tweaks, Internet Explorer, and more. We liked the buttons included with each option category for Create Checkpoint and Restore Defaults, which help to reassure novices that any changes can be reversed.

Intermediate and experienced users will probably want a more robust optimizer with more bells and whistles, but this is a good introductory toolbox that offers a strong string of fundamental Windows tweaks that any user should be familiar with.

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