Monitor and trade stocks from home

Invest, track, and sell stocks, bonds, options, and mutual funds with this user-friendly app.

Monitoring and trading stocks from the comfort of home just got easier with this easy-to-use app.

Personal Stock Monitor Gold launches a familiar, e-mail-client-like interface. Navigating the app's features is easy to master, thanks to the category tabs, and the tutorials built into the Help feature are well illustrated, nicely detailed, and great for introducing the app and its processes to novices. We were very pleased with the feature set for this package: the news feeds and active securities monitoring are very handy for keeping an eye on specific stocks and being alerted to items you haven't been aware of. Further, these features meant we didn't have to go from browsing news pages online and back to our investing software. This app performed nicely during our tests, allowing us to set up a portfolio and a watch list of securities with no difficulty at all--the designers clearly planned well as they compiled this app for stay-at-home investors. For example, we particularly like that Personal Stock Monitor Gold includes handy tools like a currency converter, transaction register, tickers, and order history. We also were pleased that the app provides users with a number of view options to allow a more fully rounded perspective of a security and to optimize your info load as you prepare to sell or buy.

The trial limit is generous for anyone serious about tracking and monitoring securities. The price may be steep for some investors, but it will be sweet for others. It's worth checking out.

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