Tennis playing and coaching game

Coach a tennis player to the number one ranking in the world from one game.

Tennis fans and fantasy sports fanatics will enjoy this simulator. Tennis Elbow Manager replicates the experience for running or managing a tennis player from your home PCs. The application lets the user test their skills at picking and working with players according to the players' skill sets and capabilities.

Tennis Elbow Manager launches a colorful, nicely designed interface with sport-appropriate graphics. It leads the user through choosing players and assigning skills and player qualities (such as charisma, fast learning capabilities, good traveler, and so forth), but navigating through its various levels isn't intuitive: because of the design of the game flow, novices will navigate through the various screens to develop a player and seem to hit a dead end during their navigation. Only familiarity gained by frequent use will resolve these sorts of user issues. Tennis Elbow Manager performed well in our tests, responding quickly to clicks and selections. The video quality remained high while we put it through its paces, and we liked how thorough the player selection and tournament schedule options were. The features for updating rankings and tracking matches should satisfy any completist. Again, the navigation flow is an issue that may irritate or intimidate novice users.

The trial period should be adequate for anyone interested in giving this fantasy tennis simulator a try. But we suspect only die-hard fantasy tennis fans will really be pleased with it.

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