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Edit text files in any language supported by Windows with this easy editor and code converter.

MLEditor Standard Edition lets users read and edit text files in a language code other than their operating system's native language code. It is a multilanguage text editor, word processing, and code-conversion tool that also specializes in professional-quality conversions between Simplified and Traditional Chinese. It will work with all the languages supported by Microsoft Windows, including Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Thai, and many others. It supports conversions between Unicode, Unicode BE, ANSI, and UTC-8. The word processor includes several unique features, such as dual-area Control Editing, Batch Replace, a text file previewer, desktop sticky notes, and a Glossary Management feature that also functions as an advanced phrase management tool.

The main screen features a split window, one each for source and conversion languages. Each window has its own toolbar, and you can change the background and text colors to improve contrast. A variety of dialog boxes, drop-down menus, and other common Windows features give a familiar feel no matter what language or script is selected. Much of the documentation seems to have originated in a language other than English and has the occasional clunkiness typical of such translations. In that vein, skilled English users may want to steer clear of the program's "Professional English case conversion" feature, based on the examples offered. Most word processors can be set to capitalize every word, for example, if for some reason you should want or need to. Users in other languages may find its features useful, though.

The fully featured Standard Edition of MLEditor is free to try for 30 days, including updates.

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