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Save money by saving time with this Excel add-in.

The power and features that make Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet the business world's standard can be daunting to new and infrequent users. EZ-Format for Excel makes Excel easy by separating data formatting, maintenance, and analysis tasks. It automates the task of formatting worksheets, enables improved, modifiable totaling, and simplifies common tasks such as splitting worksheets and applying row color. The program bundles the maker's EZ-Subtotal and EZ-Split add-ins as well, and it includes the functionality of the EZ-Stat statistical analysis software.

EZ-Format for Excel integrates seamlessly with Excel, appearing in the Add-Ins Ribbon on the Toolbar. An extensive welcome page includes links to six automated demos covering the program's main features, such as Formatting and Subtotaling. Step-by-step documentation is amply illustrated with screen shots. The program does its thing on an automatic copy of your Excel data. You begin by creating a Default Formatted Worksheet. A new time-saving feature we like is the ability to save and reuse worksheet formats.

EZ-Format for Excel can help make you a power user in no time. You can finish tasks in less time it would take to just set things up in Excel, and its analysis tools will help you get more out of your data, too. It behaves perfectly in Vista, and it uninstalls cleanly should you opt not to keep it. The 15-day trial version has some features disabled, but the full version comes with free lifetime updates. We recommend it for all users.

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