Crude fortune teller

Get answers to all life's questions using ancient Chinese hexagrams.

MB I Ching Software is an unimaginative twist on using the principles of I Ching divination to answer your questions about life, love, and unhappiness.

The crude interface offers little in the way of guidance, but dedicated users will figure out that after entering their name and a question, they must click on a "toss coin" button six times to create two of the hexagrams from the Chinese classic text "The Book of Changes." The program then interprets the hexagrams to answer the question by providing a "judgment" and an "image." Both are sufficiently vague to provide no danger of actually answering any question in a meaningful way, but they at least sound authentic. The only image used in the entire program is that of the three coins; the rest is a dull jumble of boxes. Even the hexagrams look ugly, and the overall effect feels like you are working in Windows 3.0 circa 1991. The only sort of extra features to be found are the numerous pleas for a donation and various tiresome offers to make money.

Although free, the software does not uninstall cleanly, leaving behind a folder in the program files. The basic idea here will appeal to people looking for a new way to use the I Ching hexagrams for divination or just for fun, but we would have liked to see a more elegant approach.

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