Media Player skin

Simplify your Media Player with this elegant skin.

Nicky's World Productions Windows Media Player Skin offers an alternative to the bland appearance associated with the music player. This fun skin streamlines the popular media program.

The program's interface will be fairly simple to master for anyone who has operated Windows Media Player before. All the normal command buttons are there, though changing albums or seeing which song is playing requires users revert back to the program's Full Mode. Since this is only a skin, there is no Help file to guide you. The skin basically takes the core functions of the Media Player and shrinks them down to a small red and black strip that users can stash anywhere on the desktop. From here, users can stop, play, pause, skip and adjust the volume of whatever is playing. A small timing bar moves along with the song, allowing users to rewind or forward, but does not provide the run time. While it is very basic, this program does a good job of practically hiding the Windows Media Player. The skin does not provide any special features, which didn't hurt the product. Still, we would have liked a little space dedicated to the artist, song, and running time.

While it may actually cut down too much on options, this slimmed-down freeware skin for Windows Media Player is a great choice for users looking to save space.

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