Fantastic puzzle game

Prepare to spend hours playing this addictive game.

It's really a good thing that Bejeweled Twist only has a 60-minute trial period. Otherwise we'd still be playing it instead of writing this review. In fact, we may have ended up playing it all day. It's that addictive.

We are used to high quality games from PopCap, and Bejeweled Twist is no exception. The graphics are absolutely outstanding, some of the best we've seen. The optional music and sound effects are fun and add to the game. Although we had never played any version of Bejeweled before, we were racking up points in no time, thanks to the well-done tutorial that walked us through each of the program's features. What we love about Bejeweled Twist is that the premise is simple--rotate groups of jewels to match three or more--but that playing the game is pleasantly challenging, and grows more challenging as you advance. Extra features are unlocked by attaining certain levels, and the program also features a relaxing Zen mode that allows users to play without worrying about advancing. This makes the program fun for just about everyone, from the casual user to those who spend hours honing their Bejeweled skills.

Bejeweled Twisted has a 60-minute trial period, and although that was ample time for us to get used to playing it, it wasn't long enough for us to experience all of its features, which was disappointing. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We highly recommend this program to all users.

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