Useful guitar tutor

Practice chords and scales with this intuitive program.

ChordWizard Gold lets users learn guitar chords and scales. Guitar novices might find its many options a bit overwhelming, but overall, it's easy to navigate.

ChordWizard's interface is not particularly sleek, but it's very intuitive and customizable, allowing users to orient the fret board for right- or left-handed playing and to select how many strings will be used. The program's features are organized into five separate tabs, allowing users to explore scales related to specific chords, construct new chords, and practice along with a built-in metronome. On the whole, the program was easy to navigate, although beginning guitar players might be a little overwhelmed by some of its options. The built-in Help file is well-written and thorough, and the publisher's Web site contains helpful tutorial videos that show users how to make the best of the program's features. ChordWizard's features are impressive and versatile. We especially liked the 128 different instrumental voices that are available, although some are more practical than others. The program would be helpful both to users trying to learn basic guitar chords and to more advanced players who are writing songs or learning to improvise. For this reason, we believe the program to be a good investment, as users will continue to find new ways to use it as their playing improves.

ChordWizard has a four-use trial period. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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