Challenging word game

Play a game that challenges your skill with words.

Guess The Phrase offers players a challenging word jumble and pop culture game rolled into one. With simple game play and challenging questions, this program does an excellent job of balancing fun with fact.

With an instantly understandable layout and helpful hints along the way, users will have no trouble with the program's interface or its cartoonish look. However, a Help file is available for those in need. The game consists of jumbled letters that resemble a word search, hangmanesque blank spaces where the answer must be filled in, and with a clue. Users must link touching letters to spell a word (the more letters in the word the more points the guess is worth) and then depending on how many letters from your word are in the mystery phrase, you score points. Users are given a limited number of turns to guess and can opt to play 20 rounds, 5 rounds, or a customizable round. The phrases come from a variety of pop culture references, including movies, music, and politics. The game took a little getting used to, but soon became addictive and fun. The program's best features are the automatic tutorial pop-ups that walk newcomers through the steps. This option can be easily turned off once the rules are understood.

The program did leave behind a folder in our Program Files that had to be manually removed after uninstallation. However, with fun gameplay and challenging questions, users will want more than just a 10-run trial of this addictive word game.

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