Watermark creator

Design your own watermark with this program.

WinWatermark offers a simple method for creating a watermark from scratch. This program will appeal to anyone looking to keep images from being illegally used.

The program's interface is broken down into a few command buttons, which makes it simple for users to navigate. Making things even simpler is the step-by-step process of creating a watermark written on the screen. A Help file is also available for more in-depth questions. Designing a watermark was simple. Users first choose a photo from a file tree in one tab and then tab over to create a watermark. The tool to create a text watermark looks much like the settings for a word processor and allows users to adjust font, size, color, and shadow. In addition, users adjust the opacity with a slider and select the mark's position on the screen. The really unique aspect of this tool is the capability to create and save many watermarks and apply them to new pictures with the click of a button. Our watermark was clearly visible and was applied quickly, making the entire process smooth. The program's features, which allow for easy cropping, framing, and resizing, are a great addition that will give users even more control over the output.

With a familiar feeling and great results, WinWatermark (which leaves its own watermark during the trial version) is a great choice.

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