File rename system

Rename large batches of files in one fell swoop with this tool.

BatchRename Pro provides a no-nonsense method for renaming files. With its well-planned setup and customizable flexibility, this should meet the needs of any user.

The program's interface is intuitive, thanks to its single-screen navigation. Commands are easily labeled and even the area where users must input all the data for customization feels like second nature. A Help file is available, but we doubt most people will need it. Users begin the program by selecting a file or folder to convert. The program lists all material for planned conversion, which allows for reorganization. From there, users click the file to convert and then either choose from the list of sample renames (ranging from numeric prefixes to date and time to suffixes and dozens of other combinations) or create their own rule. Users select options from a series of pull-down menus. From there, users simply click the conversion button and files are changed in a matter of seconds. We loved the program's simplicity, as well as its capability to get as complex as the user wants. The Preview button, easily the program's strongest feature, allows users to see what the new naming system will look like before actually applying it. This is certain to save some headaches.

The program does install desktop icons without asking, but it uninstalls cleanly. With flexibility and impressive results, the only drawback to this phenomenal converter is its short, 15-day trial period. However, that's long enough for users to learn what a great program this is.

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