Easy investment helper

Monitor your finances with this simple program.

Spryka Desktop Budget Lite provides users with a one-stop look at all their investments and accounts. With simple commands and great results, this is an excellent tool for those willing to put in the effort.

The program's interface feels instantly intuitive, thanks to large icons that clearly spell out their roles and helpful menus that walk users through the setup. There is a Help file available, but most will not need it until they are performing complex tasks down the road. Users will have an easy time getting started with this program. By selecting one of the large icons along the top of the screen, users can set up their accounts, transactions, and investments. All follow a similarly easy form to fill out that asks for specific information and does all the organizational work for you. Using these tools, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and stocks can be tracked. Accounts and balances are broken down and users can (especially with savings and checking) input money as it comes in and out so a complete view of your finances is given. But it's important to note that while users will find it easy to get started, they must be vigilant in updating to keep things accurate. The program's finest feature is its capability to update stocks automatically. This removes some of the daunting manual labor.

With its excellent direction and useful financial monitoring capabilities, Spryka Desktop Budget Lite's ample, 30-day trial will breeze by and leave users wanting more.

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