Simple stock ticker

Keep tabs on your most important stocks with this easy tool.

Catfood Quote gives users a simple way to monitor their favorite stocks on their desktop. By allowing quotes to be easily entered and viewed, Catfood Quote is a simple program that will earn a lot of fans.

The program's interface was delightfully easy to manage and navigate. It embeds itself into the toolbar and provides intuitive areas to enter data and a simple way to read the results. Users will most likely not need to consult the Help file to operate this program. Checking stock quotes involves a few simple steps. Users simply choose the stock exchange they prefer from a pull-down menu from the Settings feature and enter the stock ticker letters. The program automatically fills in the company's other information. Users can input as many ticker symbols as they like. From there, users need only click on the Catfood symbol in their toolbar to reveal current stock information. The stock's price and its high and low for the day are listed in an easy-to-read layout that is updated every 15 minutes (but not in the trial version). The program is low on special features, offering only an adjustable option to make the ticker update faster. We would have liked to see ways to expand the history of our stocks and run reports.

The program's trial requires that users manually update their stock info, which isn't that big of a deal. With simple navigation and results, this program is a great tool for keeping up with stocks on the fly.

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