Massive photo editor

Edit pictures using this program's enormous bank of effects and filters.

Photo Filter Factory provides users with an extensive amount of filters for editing their images. Along with the filters, there is nice editing software, which rounds out this program for users.

The program's interface was delightfully simple and will look familiar to anyone who has operated other editing software before, such as Paintbrush. With commands clearly labeled and plenty of visual examples for the filters, most users will not have to utilize the Help file. Users simply select a photo they would like to doctor and then can get to work. While the program provides some standard editing tools, such as the ability to draw shapes, add text, and fill areas with color, its big draw are the filters. Easily accessible via a pull-down menu along the top, users can scroll through dozens of options and then see 12 different variations on the theme, which they can apply. Ranging from honeycombs, to ancient paper, water droplets, and more, it offers an impressive collection. In addition, the program also offers users opportunities to adjust shading of their image and even create a frame. Overall, we were happy with the functionality's simplicity and excellent results.

The program is light on special features and while seeing an ability to resize pictures would have been nice, it in no ways takes away from the fantastic job the program performs. With simplicity and a bevy of filter options, this program's 60-use trial will fly by for frequent photo editors.

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