Handy scientific calculator

Access your scientific calculator from your computer with this tool.

DreamCalc Graphing Edition is a calculator with scientific and graphing capabilities. It offers three different views (Simple Calculator, Scientific Standard, Scientific Base-N) to handle all of your math needs.

The program has an attractive interface that looks like an actual calculator. When DreamCalc opens, the window is small so you can easily use the calculator in tandem with other applications. This is a practical design for students, accountants, and math professionals. DreamCalc's display is easy to read and use, and those familiar with standard and scientific calculators will be able to navigate its menus and features deftly. It can be used for algebra, trigonometry, and simple math, allowing you to graph functions, plot data, and statistics. You can print your data as well. We liked that there is a simple calculator included. The simple calculator suits the needs of the everyday user, while the Scientific and Scientific Base-N views suit the needs of advanced users. DreamCalc has a good Help section that is handy for users new to graphing calculators and users who haven't used a graphic calculator since high school math class.

This is an unlimited trial version of the software. It installs and uninstalls with no complications. The program will remind you to buy it every time you open it, but the trial version has no limitations. We recommend it for all users.

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