College basketball tournament bracket

Create a college basketball tournament bracket with this dandy app.

When March Madness rolls around for college basketball fans, you can be the first person with a pool bracket ready to use thanks to this nicely designed app.

Turbo Tourney launches a colorful but functional window with a complete tournament ready to fill in. Adding schools to the pairings is a snap, although the method isn't initially intuitive--instead of entering names directly into the main display, you must first click an icon on the toolbar to pop up a box with all the pairings. The box includes drop-down lists with all the regions and school names, so entering is simple from that point. And we liked that Turbo Tourney allowed us also to simply download an existing bracket from online. We also liked having the option to include team win-loss records to provide more details for competitors.

The app performed well in our tests, and the built-in Pool Organizer is a nice feature for someone running multiple pools. The online video tutorial is a plus for any novice, and the various options for sharing the bracket--by e-mail, over the Web, through a network, saving to disk--opens up a lot of flexibility for participants and planners. Calculating standings with a single click, and outputting reports for daily (or more frequent) results is a very simple process. The two-round limit will seem frustrating to some users, but it will whet their appetite for more.

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