Animated holiday card

Send loved ones an animated Christmas card.

Christmas Card provides users with a way to send warm wishes to others with an animated, multithemed card. Its smooth animation and fun images are sure to please family and friends.

The program's interface is not really an issue. There is no way to customize it, and there is no Help file. Users simply open it and it runs through its cycle. The card itself begins with a twinkling animated Christmas tree framed within a border and surrounded by colorful gifts. Smaller windows float by, one with a red candle that says "Merry Christmas," and another with balloons that read "Happy New Year." Users click on the image and it changes to a manger scene with Mary and Jesus. Here, animated angels flutter on and off the screen. Finally, after another click, a framed picture with large, fancy red letters proclaims, "Merry Christmas," as snow falls around it. The program's simplicity did not allow for any features. We would have liked to see a way to control speed, or perhaps which images appear, but we don't think the program suffers from it.

While it has a lot of limits, this free Christmas card program is a fun bit of animated merriment that is sure to bring a smile to friends and family.

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