Misleading photo editor

Edit your photos, just don't expect to create a traditional cartoon.

While its name may conjure up images of animation, Cartoon Maker actually acts as a simple photo editor. While some may be disappointed, it does function well as a quick photo-editing tool.

The program's interface is very simple, allowing users full control with only a few button clicks and limited options. The program's Help file breaks every process down to the bare essentials, allowing users to learn quickly. To create a cartoon, simply bring up a picture by searching via a file tree. Next, users choose a cartoon option from the onscreen menu. The options for Distort and Twist both offer simple slider controls and are applied using a click-and-drag method over the pictures. Distort tends to enlarge features, while Twist puts images through the spin cycle. The Sketch option creates entire pencil or pen sketches of a picture with a simple button click on the menu. Each option functioned quickly and resulted in an entirely changed photo, which we thought was great. Cartoon Maker's best features were simple options to enlarge and crop the photo. Both take only a few clicks to accomplish and result in a more-focused image.

While we expected an animation tool from the description, we quickly figured out that the designer's idea of a cartoon is simply an altered photo. You have three only tries to experience the program. However, its functions were quick and easy and users will appreciate its photo-editing capabilities.

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