Fun checkers simulator

Play checkers against the computer with this fun game.

Championship Checkers All-Stars allows users of all skill levels to play checkers against a computer simulator. With a variety of play styles and innovative additions, this program is a fun choice for game fans.

Users will not need to visit the Help file, thanks to the program's professional, though cartoonish, interface filled with intuitive navigation. From selecting the style of gameplay to actually battling opponents on the checkerboard, users will be able to follow onscreen prompts to click their way through. Users must first choose which style of checkers to play, from American, Spanish, Suicide, Customized, and more. Gameplay is very simple: users simply click the piece to move and the computer highlights all the available positions. Users can also right-click and get recommendations from the computer, take back a move, let the computer play for you and even throw a pie at their opponent. The computer offers over a dozen different opponents, each with various skill attributes, which helps users improve their play. The program's best special feature is its ability to showcase statistics and game history during play. This will give players a quick look at how they are stacking up.

The program's trial limits you to three games. With fun play and a variety of choices, Championship Checkers All-Stars is a great choice for checker players of all levels.

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