Unintuitive tagging program

Organize your documents with tags, but expect some confusion.

Tagged Frog allows users to organize documents, images, links, and more using tags. Although we like the idea behind the program, its interface left us scratching our heads.

Aesthetically, the interface is pleasing, with a sleek and simple design. And we like the idea behind the program--how many times have we wished for a way to search for a document using a keyword? Despite Tagged Frog's potential usefulness, however, it's not particularly intuitive. Users are able to drag and drop items that they'd like to tag, which is nice, and the tagging process is simple enough. The way the program displays the items, however, just didn't entirely make sense to us. Users can create sets and filters, but it's not immediately obvious how these work or how they would be beneficial. It also seems very difficult--if not impossible--to add additional tags to an item after its initial tagging. In general, we feel that it's hard to even put our finger on what it is that's wrong with the interface, beyond saying that we kept clicking on things expecting a certain result and ending up with something else. The program's online Help file offers some guidance, but is also rife with sentences like "Every rule specify path to scan." Still, we were able to add tags to our documents and then sort them, which was useful.

Tagged Frog is free. It installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program with reservations; it has the potential to be useful, users just need to be patient when trying to figure out its features.

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