Mediocre virtual desktop

Create multiple virtual desktops with video features, but don't expect much guidance on how to do it.

Video Desktop Dream Scape allows users to create up to six different virtual desktops and play videos on them. Although the program contains some cool features, we were frustrated by the directionless interface and vague Help file.

The program opens and users are confronted with a small box with buttons numbered 1 through 6, as well as buttons with a camera, a gear (obviously the settings), and a play button. After reading the publisher's description we weren't entirely sure what the program did to begin with, and the interface certainly didn't offer any clues. After a lot of piddling around and several readings of the PDF Help file, we finally started to get it. The numbered buttons represent the six desktops. Easy enough; users click on the buttons to switch. The camera, it turns out, allows users to take screenshots. The settings allow users to set hot keys for the various desktops and they also offer some control over how the screenshot function works. The play button represents the video settings, which allow users to set videos as their desktop wallpaper. This is a pretty cool feature, and the program comes with two sample videos. In general the program functioned well, although at one point it froze up and we had to use the Task Manager to quit it.

Video Desktop Dream Scape is free to try, but some features (we're not sure which ones) are limited in the trial version. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program with reservations; although we like what it does, we don't like how much of a hassle it is to figure out.

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