Relaxing screensaver

Add a soothing ripple effect to your desktop with this nice screensaver.

Ripple Pool Screensaver gives users' computer screens the effect of raindrops falling on water. The program's multiple settings allow users to customize the effect to suit their own tastes.

The program's settings are accessed through the Screen Savers tab in the Display Properties menu. All of them are fairly intuitive, which is a good thing, given the lack of a Help file. Users can select from three background images that are included with the screensaver, choose images from their computers, or simply have the program use the computer's current desktop display. The screensaver takes whatever image(s) the user has chosen and creates a ripple effect on top, as though rain is falling on water. Users can adjust the number, duration, and weight of the drops, as well as the type of ripple effect. The program has optional bird and thunder sounds, as well as a sailor effect that creates the effect of a boat's wake zooming across the screen. Overall, we enjoyed this screensaver. We were disappointed that it doesn't include an option for users to play music with it, but this is a relatively minor complaint. The ripple effect can appear a bit pixelated, but is of fairly high quality. The program is a nice, soothing addition to any computer.

Ripple Pool Screensaver is free to try, although we were not able to determine any trial limitations. The program installs and uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program to all users.

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