Basic shortcut creator

Create a desktop shortcut to eBay with this simple program.

eBay Icon Installer by creates a shortcut to eBay on the user's desktop, allowing users to ensure that they are going to the authentic eBay site and not a fraudulent one. Although the application works well, it doesn't really do much that a user couldn't do on his or her own.

There is no real interface to speak of; once the program is installed, a shortcut is created on the desktop, and that's it. The icon consists of the eBay logo, and users click on it to go directly to There are no settings or Help file or other features. Users do have the option of going to the publisher's Web site and requesting a free customized icon, which is nice. While we don't have any real complaints about the eBay Icon Installer, we're not sure we entirely see the point in it. Users can just as easily ensure that they are visiting the real eBay site by bookmarking it or creating their own desktop shortcut. It is true that the eBay Icon Installer creates a nice eBay-specific icon, which is really its main attraction. Users who really value this feature will be pleased; others will find that they could just as easily have created a shortcut on their own.

eBay Icon Installer is free. It installs a desktop icon without asking, but that's kind of the point. The program uninstalls without issues. We recommend this program with reservations; it does what it's meant to do, but that isn't very much.

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