Architectural helper

Align your home with this ancient architectural belief using this program.

MB Vastu Shastra provides users with a tool to align their home using this ancient Indian architectural principle. While learning the program can be difficult, its results are worth the added effort.

The program's interface will take some experimenting. This is because the program's online Help file does little more than explain what Vastu Shastra is supposed to do. Luckily, there are several drop-down menus and intuitive fields that eventually will feel natural and help to organize your home. Users must first enter the dimensions of their living space in feet. This is represented in a square diagram at the side of the page. From there, they select each room in their home, its dimensions, and drag that space into its proper position in the diagram. Users organize their entire home, as well as properly align it with its cardinal directions using a drop-down menu. Finally, a screen appears with your home's analysis. This gives tips on where better to have certain rooms and what the results will be. The program does not really offer any special features to enhance its tools. We would have liked to see a tutorial about Vastu Shastra for newcomers, but feel comfortable this information can be easily obtained elsewhere.

While the program is initially hard to master, we feel that it is worth the effort because of its fascinating results. We highly recommend this freeware program.

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