Moon tracker

Watch the moon's phases on your computer with this widget.

Moon Phase Calculator is an easy-to-use and fun application that keeps track of the moon's phases. It's a fun way to learn moon phase terminology and to see what each phase of the moon looks like.

The program's user interface is compact and simple to navigate, but a Help feature that takes you to the publisher's home page is available should you need it. We were able to keep the program open and running in a corner of our computer screen without obstructing our view. To get started, all we had to do was simply enter a present, past, or future date into the program. It instantly showed us what phase the moon was in (or will be in) at that particular time. Users will enjoy entering important birth and anniversary dates to find out all of their respective moon phases. The program does let you control how the date is displayed and you can select the hemisphere in which you are located, so users the world over will enjoy this application.

Moon Phase Calculator puts an icon on your desktop when it is installed, but since the application is similar to a desktop widget, we liked the icon located there. The 30-day trial period is more than enough time to try out the program. We recommend this program for any user who is intrigued by the phases of the moon.

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