Virtual ABCs

Help your child learn to read, spell, and count with this kid-friendly program.

Using the modules built into ABC Kid Genius, parents can help their children learn their ABCs, count, and read. The program doesn't replace classroom learning, but is easy to use, inexpensive, and a useful tool for parents to use with their kids at home.

Phase II ABC Kid Genius is broken down into several categories: learning words singly, using words in sentences and story formats, learning numbers, and counting. The program's databases of words and stories are limited in this free version. Users have the option to purchase a membership that will allow you to add to the program's databases of words, numbers, and story pages. We thought that the most valuable feature that ABC Kid Genius has is the ability to add your own words to the database. Users can select which words they want to add and even upload a photo to illustrate what the word describes. You can add sound clips and video, which gives parents the opportunity to personalize the program.

ABC Kid Genius has a good Help file built into it, and the program has a Web site that users can navigate to from the Help menu. Unfortunately, this program does not install or uninstall cleanly. When installing the program, Desktop and Quick Launch icons and bundled applications are added without asking, and we had to manually remove folders and icons after uninstalling the program. Still, we recommend ABC Kid Genius as a useful tool to help kids learn how to read.

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