Outlook add-on

Manage your customer relations right from Microsoft Outlook with this easy-to-use add-on.

Sales managers will appreciate how this add-on exploits Outlook's powerful Contacts feature as a basis for managing existing customers and adding new ones.

Some apps adopt the typical e-mail client interface to lend a sense of familiarity and ease of use to its functions; this one adopts the client itself. If you use and like Outlook, you'll be happy. If you rely on another e-mail client, you won't be so happy. SalesOutlook installs an unobtrusive minitoolbar to Outlook's existing toolbar. It provides quick access to the add-on's tools and features and simply folds into the user's normal everyday workflow for employing e-mail. The tool performed well in our tests. Windows opened quickly, and navigating their tabbed categories was a breeze. We liked the straightforward manner of entering new contacts and assigning identifiers--divided into both Opportunity IDs and Inquiry IDs--to allow logical tracking for follow-up and decision-making. We also appreciated how SalesOutlook consolidated a number of tasks into a single app, such as the built-in features for monitoring time and mileage dedicated to each customer and project management components. Further, the add-on exploited Outlook's primary e-mail functions for creating e-mail blasts and maintaining important contact with customers--a critical element of any CRM software.

The trial period should be sufficient for any professional to determine the add-on's suitability for his or her work. The price will scare away the small-timers, but intent CRM staff members will find SalesOutlook a nice fit in their workday, particularly if they are frequently on the go.

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