Quick screen captures

Create screenshots on the run with this simple program.

AT Screen Thief provides users with a fast tool for capturing screen images. With fast capturing control and easily saved images, this is a perfect tool for users tired of hot-key screencaptures.

The program's interface is simple enough that most users will not need the Help file, though it is there for any missteps. With a simple menu and click-and-drag control, users will be making screenshots in minutes. The program begins when users right-click on its icon in the tray and select either Capture Desktop or Capture Active Window. Either way, a small window opens up that acts as a camera, showing users what will be captured as they move their cursor over the screen. Left-clicking the screen instantly saves your images until you are ready. Once you have captured what you want, users right-click to either save them or place them on the clipboard. The program works fast, intuitively, and without error. The program's special features are simple, but effective. An Options menu allows users to customize the size of their screencap, delay, hot keys and more.

With a program that users can instantly jump into and results that were quick and accurate, we highly recommend AT Screen Thief (which leaves a watermark on the image during the trial) for anyone who requires frequent screenshots.

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