Easy-to-use comic reader

Display all your favorite comics on your desktop or in your browser with this fun program.

It's not often that we come across a program we'd describe as "delightful," but that's exactly what Merlin Funnies is. This program provides a quick and easy way for users to view their favorite comics all in one place. With a simple interface and plenty of comics to choose from, Merlin Funnies is a great way to get your daily laugh.

The program's interface is fairly basic, with a long checklist of available comics. We were expecting the likes of Dennis the Menace and Hi and Lois, but Merlin Funnies offers a ton of both popular and somewhat obscure comics, as well as political cartoons. Users simply select all of the comics they want to keep up with, and Merlin Funnies serves them up. The program gives two options for display: the comics can be set as wallpaper, changing in intervals from 10 minutes to one week, or the program can open a new browser window with all the day's comics in one place. We preferred the latter option; it was great seeing all our favorite comics together with the click of a button. The program doesn't have a whole lot of other options, but doesn't really need any, either. The features it does have are great and work well. The program includes a built-in Help file that thoroughly explains all its features.

Merlin Funnies has a 15-day trial period. It installs without issues but leaves a file behind upon removal. We highly recommend this program to all users.

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