No-frills fraction calculator

Perform basic fraction arithmetic with this simple calculator.

Ah, fractions. They're so useful, but so time-consuming to work with. Who wants to mess with finding a common denominator? Even keying fractions into a normal calculator can be a pain. Fortunately FractionCalc supplies an easy way to work with fractions. This basic fraction calculator allows users to perform simple arithmetic with fractions and convert between fractions and decimals. Although the interface could be better, the program works well.

The program's interface is very plain: just a series of boxes in which to enter numbers. It took us a moment of looking at it to figure out what to do, but it soon became clear. Users simply enter the fractions, select the operation they want to perform, and click Calculate. Users can work with more than two fractions by selecting a check box. A separate tab in the program converts between fraction and decimals, and when converting to fractions, users can choose to have their results to the nearest eighth, sixteenth, thirty-second, or sixty-fourth, as well as to the nearest foot and inche. The program is fairly self-explanatory, and it's a good thing, as there's no Help file. Although the program is easy to use, we would have liked to see a more intuitive interface.

FractionCalc is free. The program does not need to be installed or uninstalled, as it comes as a ZIP file and operates after extraction. We recommend this program to all users seeking a simple way to work with fractions.

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