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Convert orphan and nonstandard files easily with Able Batch Converter.

Like many PC users, you probably have orphan files in strange, unreadable formats scattered throughout your hard drive. Or maybe you have folders full of files in different formats that you'd like to standardize. Or perhaps the program that once opened certain files is long gone and won't run on your current PC anyway, but you still want to access those files. Able Batch Converter can help. It can convert the formats of large batches of files all at once.

Batch Converter's simple, clear interface makes it a cinch to find files to convert, choose the new formats, and change file destinations. It will search for identical files, apply special treatment to certain files, and even delete the old files after they're converted. You can install plug-ins to expand the already large list of file types Batch Converter will handle. A handy preview window displays a thumbnail of a selected file on the Files tab.

Batch Converter does its thing quickly and easily, once it's loaded all the files, though large batches can take a while to load. It's easy to list files by format in the Add Files box and then simply select those you wish to convert. The program downloads and installs quickly and easily, and it uninstalls just as easily, if you decide not to keep it. Able Batch Converter is free for a 30-day trial period, after which you must buy and register your copy. A large button marked "Buy" makes that easy too.

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