Home possessions monitor

Keep track of your home's possessions and their value with this program.

Household Register 2009 offers users a tool for tracking all their home's possessions, which is very useful in the case of a disaster. With its simple navigation and excellent results, this is a program that homeowners will appreciate.

The program requires a large amount of information, but thankfully its interface is intuitive and doesn't seem like a chore. With well-planned drop-down menus and fillable fields, users should have no trouble taking stock in their home. For those who need a little more assistance, a Help file will shed some light. Users simply click on a button to add an item, and a simple wizard walks them through everything. Users begin by choosing each item from a long alphabetical list, featuring everything from beds to washers and everything in between. In addition, users can select its location, purchase price, estimated value now (helpful with antiques), warranties, specific model numbers, and even a place to download a photograph. From here, each item is listed in a catalog with a view that can be altered to list by location, value, or other criteria. Overall, the program is fast, simple, and a joy to populate. One excellent feature is its export options. If users catalog possessions for insurance/disaster preparedness it would stand to reason that the computer would also be ruined. Luckily, with a few button clicks, users can print out or save this to disk in a variety of formats.

With intuitive navigation and useful results, this freeware program will be an asset to any prepared homeowner.

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